Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

I watched some of the Oscars last night. I flipped to the Oscars during commercials of the Amazing Race & then watched for a little while after, then "listened" for a little bit after that. There are a lot of movies I've missed! Since I haven't seen a whole lot of movies lately, there was only one that I really felt strongly about...Wall-E!! I really wanted Wall-E to win & I was really excited when Jennifer Aniston even said "Waaaall-Eee" when she announced the winner! David & I love Wall-E & Eva and feel the need to pronounce their names like they do in the movies (and to give other names a robotic-spin, too... "Daaaavv-eee", "Beeeee-ca", "Mo-beee", etc.)
I'm sure I'm not the only person who was irritated by the fact that the camera man felt the need to pan over to Brangelina (do people still call them Brangelina? I've been sort of out of the pop-culture loop) while Jennifer Aniston was presenting the award. I mean really, there are thousands of other gorgeous celebrities in the audience, why not give some of them screen time and let Jennifer Aniston have her moment? Even David said something about how wrong that was! We both are for "Team Aniston" rather than Team Jolie-Pitt. I also kind of wanted Amy Adams to win for Best Supporting Actress even though I haven't seen Doubt, but just because she was Princess Giselle in Enchanted and I LOVE that movie!! But she didn't.

Okay so back to the movies... As I said there are lots that I've not seen yet and want to: Doubt, The Reader (even though David saw it and said I wouldn't like it), Curious Case of B.B. (even though my friend Kathy saw it and said to skip it...and even though I am anti-Jolie-Pitt), Changeling (even though I am anti-Jolie-Pitt), Revolutionary Road (because seeing Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio together again will remind me of going to see Titanic 6 times in the theater with my crazy friends!), Milk (loved the writer's speech)

Today we went to see Slumdog Millionaire and it was GOOD! I think every car in the parking lot was going to see that movie. David thought it was kind of teenage love story-ish, but I didn't really think that at all...I thought it was rather thought-provoking. I loved the cheating aspect of it because it reminded me of another one of my favorite movies, The Emperor's Club.

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Dogeared said...

I won't see The Reader - I read the book years ago and hated it! I wasn't sure what Milk was about, until I read a friend's review of it. I loved Hugh Jackman's Oscar opening though! I added it to my videos on Facebook :D

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