Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Only the Pros

So last week, our plans changed. Not something trivial like dinner plans, but major life plans. Okay, okay, really only a year of the plans got changed, but it's kind of hard to stomach when you're not even the person in charge of making the changes. And when the entity making the changes can't seem to give you all of the information, but they're changing your whole life anyway.
In short (because I'm getting kind of tired of talking about it), instead of going home for a year like I thought I would while David is gone, I basically have no choice (no good one anyway) but to go directly to our next base in England and wait. So, I gave myself a day to cry and stress out about it (okay, 3 days) but now it's time to move on. There's no sense complaining about it, because it can't be changed. [Although I will still allow myself a normal healthy amount of stress for the details once I get there] My initial instinct was to make a pros/cons list, but that's only useful when YOU are the one making your own decisions.
So, now I'm making an Only Pro list:
1. I get the day off school today because I have to go to the dentist and make sure my teeth are well enough to be shipped to England.
2. Remember how sometimes Blogger (and a few other sites too) thinks I can read Japanese just because my computer is in Japan? Well, guess what... even if it thinks I'm English because my computer is in England...all the words will still be in English!
3. I won't be "allowed" to work until David gets there. Darn. ;)
4. I can wear sweaters there, and not just indoors with the a/c blasting.
5. After living somewhere where a plane ticket home costs $1,500+, the ticket from England will seem cheap. (for example, I just looked up last-minute tickets on expedia-- from here to Chicago leaving in 3 days would cost $2,700, but from England to Chicago is less than $700...that's definitely a pro!)
6. After living somewhere where a plane ride home involves 2 or 3 planes and 11+ hours on one plane, an 8.5 hour plane ride will seem short.
7. Since the travel is so short & cheap, I'll be able to go home more often in 1 year than I have in the past 3.5.
8. People will probably feel sorry for me and visit me.
9. I already know how to drive on the left side of the road.
10. I already have experience riding the "tube".
11. The signs will be in English.
12. I like fish & chips.
13. There are these great things there called trains and cheap flights and you can use them to get to lots of other European countries!
14. I will live in the same place as Harry Potter.
15. That island is a whole lot bigger than this one!
16. I already know a few people there: someone who taught at our school and moved there last year, someone who David was in Saudi with, and a few Ravelry buddies!
17. They have "English Breakfast". I love breakfast.
18. The places around where I will live are really cute! Just my style. I think I'll get there just a little bit too late to rent an old chapel that's been converted to a house! It's so darn cute...but it goes up for "let" a month before we'll get there.
19. People speak English there! And they do it with these fabulous accents!
20. And how about the obvious... it's England, for Pete's sake! There's castles and scones and a hot Prince! (William, not Charles)


onescrappychick said...

you go girl.. that's the attitude to have! I wish I could come to England for a visit, I'll have to live vicariously through you!

SusieH said...

Well put!! I, for one, am excited for your arrival - can't wait to meet and knit with you :)

Are they doing a long-term visa for you before you go - do you know?

Cheerio :)

Dogeared said...

I'm in London now - whereabouts will you guys be based? We'll definitely have to try and meet up - and I love your Pros list - all good stuff on there!

Dogeared said...

Oh, and my email address, should you need it, is dogearedandfurry at gmail dot com. I'll email you my Blog address if you shout :-)

Uncle Bill said...

Stick with the "Pros", that's the way to go. I was looking forward to you being here but now we'll have a good excuse to go to England, lets just hope the Dollar gets better!

Cyndi said...

Bec. Heard about the news. Your Pro list was excellent. Can' wait to visit you, because I'm listed on #8. But I don't feel sorry, I'm excited to have someone to visit there :o)

Anonymous said...

Love your positive list. Too bad you CAN'T work while you're there.
Oh well you can catch up on your scrapin' and knitting..oh yeah and afternoon tea. love you aunt margie

Kelly H. said...

Great list! We've been stationed in the UK for 2 years and a bit now, and absolutely love it. Not sure what base you are headed towards, but send me a note and perhaps we can catch up!

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