Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Scream, You Scream

Here's the scoop (ha ha) on our ice cream maker: My old neighbor who I don’t exactly have the warm fuzzies for bought my set of pots and pans for our wedding gift (and brought them over 6 months later...2 days before our household goods were being picked up to be sent to Okinawa!). Anyway, we already had received the pots and pans from my sweet and wonderful aunt at our shower (8 months earlier…and she was there and I am convinced that she was aware of this when she bought me a 2nd set!)
So, the day before our things get picked up, DH and I go to return the pots/pans. The stuff we picked included an ice cream maker. We went through the check-out and out to the parking lot and David wouldn't stop grumbling about the ice cream maker. He kept on saying that we'd never use it and it was a waste of money. David is all about spending and wasting $, so I guess I figured that if HE thought it was a waste, it must really be wasteful! So I caved in and we turned right back around and exchanged the ice cream maker for a clock and some picture frames.

But really, what kind of wife would I be if I just let that go? Everytime we had Baskin Robins or wished we had something sweet after dinner, I would say, "Remember when we had an ice cream maker for 4 minutes?" or "Just imagine if we had an ice cream maker and we could make our own ice cream right now instead of driving all the way (less than a mile) to BR!" Etc.
And David, in a move that gives all husbands everywhere a good name, was actually listening. And last Christmas, I got an ice cream maker. And last weekend, I used it.

So, David was wrong to say we'd never use it. I have used it. And it was easy and delicious. I will use it again. Soon.
I made Heath Bar Crunch ice cream that was a recipe I received in a recipe card swap over at ScrapVillage. It was so fun to watch my dessert go from a bunch of milk to real ice cream before my very eyes. Unfortunately, the commissary didn't have any whipping cream or heavy cream that day, so I had to settle for milk & butter. It was good, don't get me wrong...but I'm very excited to taste it when I really use the right ingredients!

Edited to add: So, Uncle Bill if you're reading this, now that I know how easy it is to make ice cream, I'll be sure to pick up some ingredients for Green Tea ice cream for Aunt Nim when you come visit next!!


Cyndi said...

Bec, thanks so much for the wonderful birthday card, it was such a nice surprise that you remember my cumpleanos. I want an ice cream maker!!!! Is it really that easy?

Uncle Bill said...

I'm looking forward to the green tea ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I think an i.c maker would be fun except I know it would end up in the basement along with the other coveted items I just had to have ..
bread maker, pressure cooker, waffle maker and other misc items.
I guess I'm getting practicle in my old(??!!) age. aunt margie

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