Sunday, May 18, 2008

Je vend, tu vends, Okinawa vend plus!

I think about strange things while I'm running. Mostly because there's only so much regular stuff I can think about and when I run out of that, I've still got an hour or so left to run!
Sometimes things just pop randomly in my head and I think about them. Sometimes they are inspired by my surroundings. Sunday, I was conjugating the French verb vendre: to sell. This was inspired by the plethora of vending machines here on Okinawa. The availability of a cold drink almost...almost makes up for the humidity and the hot sun. Coke, Aquarius (one of my favorites...a grapefruity sports drink), water, green tea, plain tea, apple tea, lemon tea. I suppose if you're running in the rain and it's cold, you could also get a hot tea. I counted 19 vending machines in 2 miles (not including the cigarette vending machines)! Uh...but no garbage cans! There are some garbage cans outside of the little convenient stores (Japanese 7-11 is called "FamilyMart" and you can buy sushi instead of slurpees).

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