Monday, August 06, 2007

Da Region

I took this quiz (because I have nothing better to do...only a lot of laundry) to see how Hoosier I am.
You are 75% Hoosier!

Be proud of your Hoosier heritage! And learn a little more about your state. Tulip trees and cardinals are just the beginning.

How Hoosier are you?
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Not a bad score, but I do need to admit that I guessed on quite a few of the answers. I only knew 8/25 questions for sure (and two of those were- what is your gender? and what age group do you fall in?)

Those of us in Northwest Indiana always feel like we're not really part of our state. We have Chicago tv and radio stations, most of us like the Bears & Bulls rather than the Colts & Pacers, we're not even on the same time zone as the rest of our state for much of the year. So to see if there's any hard evidence that we identify more with a suburb of Chicago than a part of Indiana, I took the quiz below. I didn't have to think nearly as much as I did on the Indiana quiz. The only question that gave me a little hesitation was "Comiskey Park is..." I could hardly bring myself to select the answer that said "now known as U.S. Cellular Field"... I won't call it that!

You're 100% Chicagoean!

You're the tour guide! You know this city so well you could be booking vacation packages for tourists. From parties, hotels, bars, to know the ins and outs...even the 3am burrito stops. And more than likely you're not going anywhere since you love this city so much!

Are you a true Chicagoean?
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