Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Well, I guess I don't say "bon voyage" if I'm the one traveling, but oh well.
In 2 hours (yikes, only 2 hours!) I'll be leaving for my trip to Cabo San Lucas!! I'm feeling excited, but overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in the sense that I've found myself in tears at least 4 times this evening. Once was when I was still at school at 6:00 'tweaking' the sub plans that I had finished yesterday, once when I went to make 20 copies and found that the Xerox Bandit had stolen all but the two that remained on my account. I would testify under oath that there is NO WAY I made 1000 copies in the past 22 days. Again when I realized that I forgot to get my "exit-reentry" stamp in my passport (now why in the world do I need an exit-reentry stamp BEFORE I travel? I think that's just ridiculous)and anyway I was scared for a few minutes (okay, hours) that I would either a)not be allowed to leave and make use of the thousands of dollars I've spent on this trip or b)not be allowed to come home and lose just about the same amount because I wouldn't be able to go back to work. Then there was the moment when I discovered (falsely) that I did NOT actually have a copy of David's deployment orders, which is my ticket to getting his ticket refunded. But then I lifted the top piece of paper and there they were, those beautiful things! And then a couple times during Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Oh, and once more when I read that one of my ScrapVillage friends may be losing a pet. I always hate to hear about losing pets.
I've also had a few near-tears moments, like when I finally got a package slip, but not until 8pm because I stayed at work so long and the post office was closed so I couldn't pick it up. It better not be my Robo-shirt. I'll be mad! Can't find out until next week anyway. Also, I have measured my carry-on suitcase (since I don't have time to check bags) about 8 times and weighed myself with the suitcase to make sure it doesn't exceed 40 pounds. I think it's only 25 pounds.
So I'm excited to actually get there and stop being overwhelmed and just be...at the pool, in a lounge chair, with an umbrella drink... aaahhhhh. And I'll wait until the last day to think about that pesky exit-reentry stamp again.
Until next time... You can find me here if you need me:


OneScrappyChick said...

sure you don't have room in that bag for me?!

Dogeared said...

Enjoy the trip, you lucky thing!

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