Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cabo at a Glance

I had SUCH an awesome time. I absolutely loved it and they had to drag me out kicking and screaming. Well, not really, but I DID get a little teary-eyed when it was time to leave. It was hard to leave my old friends and the friendly staff and the beautiful beach and the "free" drinks. Oh and the scorching (but not smoldering) hot 99 degree everyday weather. The most beautiful thing about it was that it was NOT humid! My hair loved Cabo just as much as I did!

This is the view from room 4430. If I ever go back to Dreams Los Cabos (which I FULLY intend to!) I will request NOT to be in a room ending with 28-30. It was all the way at the end of the hallway.

On Thursday night, we had a bachelor/bachelorette party for Raul & Maria. Here we are at El Squid Roe (!!!!) dancing on some stairs. Dancing on stairs is dangerous and frightening. I was very cautious. Also, the song we were dancing to was "Stayin' Alive" and I did not know all the moves, so Ami coached me from the bottom of the stairs.

After El Squid Roe, we went to Cabo Wabo, owned by Sammy Hagar. That was a fun place with a great band. This is all the girls on our way out: Ami, Maria, me, Dani, Darci & Tamira.

David and I hung out in the party pool for a little while on Friday. Only for a little while, though, because David didn't want to get his fingers all raisiny.

Although we couldn't swim in the ocean due to the high waves and dangerous currents, it was relaxing to hang out under these cute huts and watch!

Here's the inside of the church where Maria and Raul were married.

Waiting for my big moment-walking down the aisle. I walked way too fast and I think people definitely saw my lips moving as I said to myself, "Slowly, slowly, slowly". I was nominated to do the reading(s) but I backed out.

Couldn't resist giving David a big kiss. Weddings always make us feel the love.

Maria and Raul... married after 7 years! They are such a perfect couple. I just love them both!

After the reception by the pool, we headed to the lobby for more drinks (as if we needed them!) and the live band. I had said when I first tried on my dress that since I had a little extra room in the top, I could use it to carry my lipstick and maybe my camera. I never thought of using it as a bouquet holder!

On Sunday Darci and I went to Cocktail Lessons at the Barracuda. I loved that bar--you sat on swings while you ordered and drank AND the bartender, Marco, named a drink after me. It's called the Rebecca Special (but you must say it with a Mexican accent!) and it's mangoey and delicious! Anyway, Cocktail Lessons were taught by Eduardo and Jennifer (Yenni)and we made some bizarre but surprisingly tasty stuff--Start the Party (beer, tequila, simple syrup, lime/lemon juice, ice), Dirty Monkey (kahlua, banana, white rum, and I don't remember what else), something with cranberry, something with strawberry margarita, and 2 or 3 other drinks that I can't remember. Of course I can't remember... we drank all of those within 45 minutes. I almost fell off my swing after that.

On Monday, I did something I'd been wanting to do all week! I painted my very own guacamole bowl! That was fun! I couldn't go the whole week without doing the craft project!

Darci, Tamira and I at the swim up bar. Loved that concept!! Favorite drinks from the swim-up bar (and the walk-up ones too) this week were: Mojito! (of course), dirty monkey, Winnie the Pooh, Miami Vice (synonym for Lava Flow), Ticket to Fly (drink of the day), Fruits Liquor (another drink of the day), Mango & coconut rum, Sprite w/Cherry Pucker, and a few others that I probably had AFTER all of the above and therefore don't remember! ;)

Laying in hammocks is harder than it looks!

We went back to Cabo Wabo on our last night. Remind me never to wear a short skirt and lift my leg...I think I'm going to photoshop that woman out.

Our whole crew returns from our last night out. Darci, Ami, Dani, Raul, Maria (with a Cabo Wabo t-shirt she FOUND on the floor--lucky girl!), Tamira, Johnny & me.

Hee hee... this is me with Olwaldo, the towel man, who was my absolute biggest fan. I don't know what I did to make him fall absolutely in love with me, but he called me his "Rebeccita" and always asked my friends where I was if I wasn't with them when they picked up their towels. He never made me turn in my towel card and said I was "VIP" so I didn't need to turn it in, which was nice, because then if you forget to get it marked off when you turn your towel in you get charged $150 or something ridiculous. So he was a good friend to have, even though it got to be a little annoying.

Maria and Raul stayed until Wednesday. All the friends left on Tuesday. Everyone left around 9 a.m. except for Tamira and I. She left at 12, and I didn't have to leave until 3! So I got some extra pool time and hung out with Maria and Raul a little more. Even though I checked out at 12, Ivan the front desk guy said I could take advantage of the all-inclusive until I left. We had to take this picture of "The Last of the Mojitos". The mojito was my signature drink of the week. I love those things, and I had one almost every-other drink. In fact, I walked past the bell-boys once and one of them (Victor) said, "No mojito??" I think the night before we while we were waiting for a cab or something I had told him "Mojito is mi favorito!" Anyway, this turned out NOT to be the last of the mojitos! I had one more while I waited in the lobby for my shuttle to the airport.

And I thought I partied hard!! Check out Flat David upon our return home! Sorry I forgot to rotate the picture.


anne (from sv) said...

you make me laugh. looks like you had a wonderful time. makes me want to go. too bad flat david broke his arm!!! at least it was at the end of the trip...

Susan said...

wow! flat david didn't get sunburn! you must have done a good job of keeping sunscreen on him! lol!
I love the picture of you drunk and dancing in front of the sign about alcoholism! such funny irony!

Lee W. said...

So glad you're home- looks like you had an awesome time! I loved this installment of the blog- you told your vacation story well!

OneScrappyChick said...

ohhh what a nice trip... love your photos and sounds like you had a great, well deserved vacation!

Dogeared said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! Love seeing all the photos of the trip :D

Stephanie said...

Enjoyed reading all about your wonderful trip! "Mojito is my favorito" You crack me up!!!
I MUST go to Cabo sometime. It looks like a blast!

Laurie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Love all those pics!!

Sandy Holtorf said...

What a great story and pictures regarding your trip to Cabo; it looks fabulous and makes me want to go as soon as I can. I loved the flat are soooo creative!

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