Saturday, April 28, 2007

What does Rebecca need?

This has been floating around... I noticed it on Krista's blog this morning.
All you do is google "your-first-name needs". Here's what I need:

1. Rebecca needs enlightenment!
2. Rebecca needs support around her educational goals
3. Rebecca needs a family that will provide her love and support (already have that!)
4. Rebecca needs a family that is structured and consistent
5. Rebecca needs to find out (I guess I need to find out what it is that I need to find out first!)
6. Rebecca needs your help today!
7. Rebecca needs just one good meaty, dramatic role, and the chances of her skyrocketing into fame will increase tenfold
8. Rebecca needs to choose a database (huh?)
9. Rebecca needs to vent (LOL...don't we all, sometimes!)
10. Rebecca needs some love and prayers (don't we all, sometimes!)
11. Rebecca needs a very specific kind of learning environment
12. Rebecca needs to go back to the drawing board
13. Rebecca needs to have a serious think about her job (boy do I feel that from time to time!)
14. Rebecca needs a french or spanish companion.
15. Rebecca needs the receipts from each chapter's recruitment chairs (apparently, unbeknownst to me, I am the president of a sorority?)

Sounds like Rebecca is a very studious and family oriented girl. So I tried to figure out what my alter-ego needs and turns out she is very different...

1. Becca needs a boyfriend
2. Becca needs a prom date
3. Becca needs friends, especially as she doesn't go to school
4. Becca needs to wear fur coats ALL the time!
5. Becca needs excitement
6. Becca needs...(oh dear, better not put that one here as sometimes my Grandma reads!)
7. Becca needs to find the sum of 34, 46 and 108
8. Becca needs TiVo
9. Becca needs to be left alone
10. Becca needs to clear the house of evidence of her son. (Better do that before David returns, LOL!)
11. Becca needs to decide on which guy she wants (another one that would be best to do before David's return ;) )
12. And Becca needs to get over herself.
Hmm... I don't think I want to read anymore about Becca's needs.
Oh, and I'm sure somewhere on the other pages of results it must've said Rebecca needs a new Jordana Paige Knitting Satchel. Becca probably needs one too... it would look hot with her fur coat and probably catch her that boyfriend!


Laurie said...

Found you through Krista's your "needs" post!! You were totally cracking me up with the alter ego portion...especially adding that you should do it before David gets home..LOL

Susan said...

does David know about the boyfriend too?!?!? maybe if he comes home to find you always (and only) wearing fur coats then the boyfriend (and son) won't matter?!?! lol!!

Stephanie said...

OK, I gave this a try. Yours was funnny!

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