Thursday, April 12, 2007

12 of 12, right on time!

Who are those people who spend their spring breaks drinking, dancing and doing other things that will most likely end them up on Girls Gone Wild? My 12 pictures show a pretty accurate reflection of how I've spent MY spring break this year. In fact, it's pretty much how I've spent all of my spring breaks.

9:15- Pajama Day

The whole week has been full of pajama days!

9:45- Keyhole Tank, 8.75 inches.

This is my latest knitting project. I'm actually working on a little baby hat for a shower I'm going to as well, but I've focused on this this week. I started it on Monday, after taking apart another sweater I had started with the same yarn. The yarn was originally supposed to be used for a baby project, but since I ordered online and didn't have a color card, I didn't know until the yarn arrived that it was really just not babyish. So I'm making a sweater with it. Not that I really want to wear this color either, but I do have a white skirt with yellow/gold embroidered flowers that it will go with. It'll be good practice.

15:30- Time to shower.

Perhaps the greatest thing about spring break is not having to shower until I feel like it. In fact, I didn't really feel like showering this afternoon. How bad is it that I think the secret reason that I did not shower is because by the time I would get out of the shower, it would be too late for me to go to a killer strength/conditioning class at the gym?

16:10- Party Prep

Eek! I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party next Saturday and haven't passed out my invites yet. I wrote some out today so I could take them to the ladies in my tennis class. And don't forget, you too can be invited to my party, even if you're not going to be in the neighborhood! If there's anything you need to order from the catalog but don't know anyone hosting a Pampered Chef party (and I'm jealous of you if you don't know anyone hosting a party, seems the ladies here have them every other week!) click here

17:00- Tennis, anyone?

Actually, this picture was taken when I returned from my hour tennis lesson, so probably closer to 6:15. The bad thing (if it's possible) about not going to work is that I don't think all the pistons in my brain were fully functioning. So today's tennis lesson wasn't as great as last week. The best thing about tennis today was actually hitting the ball over the next a couple times. The worst thing was my cat-like reflexes NOT activating in time to save me from being hit right in the mouth by a speeding tennis ball.

18:30- Putting off til tomorrow...

I had really intended to go to my classroom today, and stop at the post office to drop off our class penpal letters on the way. I also was going to stop at the library to return the book I finished Tuesday night too. Maybe tomorrow... My Sister's Keeper was a great book, by the way.

19:00- What happens when I don't plan ahead.

Yuck. This is what I had for dinner. I didn't feel like eating Stuffed French Toast for the 100th time since Sunday, so I dug through the freezer and found this. At least it was a good excuse to have some condiments. I love condiments! Tartar sauce, ketchup, mustard & ranch. Yum.

19:18- Stop voting for Sanjaya!

Here's the bottom 3 of American Idol tonight. (forgive the hot spot) Chris Richardson, what??? I love him. He's a good singer. He's not at all creepy. He is positively hot. So how come he's in the bottom 3 and Sanjaya, who gives me the heebie-jeebies, is still going strong?

20:53- Carthaginians, Start your Engines!

That's Chuck, the one in the upper right corner. I think he graduated a year behind me. He was on the track team. He was my roommate's boyfriend for a little while. And now he's making me feel like I'm one of just a small handful of Carthaginians that hasn't been on tv. (One of the Deal or No Deal girls is a Carthage grad and some guy who graduated way before me is doing an MTV show called Juvies, which takes place in my hometown) Oh, the show is called Bull Run, on Spike TV. At the end of tonight's episode (which is two weeks or so behind the episodes in the states), his team is in first place! Go Chuck!

21:20- Cirque du Celine

Yes I know I watch entirely too much tv. But really, it's just on in the background while I do other stuff. I was planning to watch the newest Lost episode, but I saw Kathy Griffin on Bravo and couldn't pass it up. I've watched this particular act 4 or 5 times but always crack up during the Celine Dion segment. I love Celine Dion. I saw her concert at Ceasar's Palace(which Kathy's act centers around), her CD has been in my car CD player for a whole week now (I can't listen to it at home because I'm afraid my neighbors will hear me belting out and, of course, come downstairs in search of Celine's autograph) but the things Kathy Griffin says are just too funny.

22:40-Let the Armhole Shaping Begin!

Not as much progress as I wanted to make today, but I was happy to make it to the armhole shaping.

23:40- The Opposite of Progress

Arrrggghhh. I should've quit an hour ago. Notice that my work in progress is now an inch shorter than it was earlier. Knitting and not being able to keep your eyes open do not mix. I ended up with a giant hole, some ladders and some weird portion of the row coming undone even though I was knitting away in the middle. So I started taking it apart and this is where I ended up.


BU said...

I like the "artist's palette" of condiments! :P

beth said...

Very cool pics. :) Sanjaya...the whole reason he was even SENT to the voting shows was the producers and their stupid idea to have equal numbers of guys and girls. AND their cancellation of the five votes per phone number. I think if they just said "the best people go on" it would have been virtually all female this year.

silver horde said...

Sausages are always a great meal!
Thanks for you comment on my 12 of 12. I'll have to do better with the journaling part.
The fridge was only clean because it had iced up and stopped working last week and my dh, who is the clean/neat fiend of our family, fixed the freezer and cleaned it too!

Susan said...

what a relaxing day you had!! I am SOOOO jealous!!

CondoBlogger said...

Fish sticks and tater tots have never been served so elegantly!

Linda said...

Nice epics! ITA re Sanjaya.

Linda said...

And yeah, that was supposed to pics...not "epics." LOL!

Dogeared said...

Hurray for lazy days!

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