Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13: Plans & Projects

I've been here almost a year, alone for most of it, jobless for all of it. People ask me, "aren't you getting bored?" I think only boring people get bored. Luckily, I have lots of plans & projects going at any one time to keep the boredies away.
Here's a list of some of my current projects or projects/activities I'm planning:

1. a vacation! We're going to Morocco! And I can take 50 lbs worth of bathing suits! Wootwoot!
2. a container garden- a few veggies & herbs. Need to go water my seeds and sing to them so they'll grow. The faster they grow, the sooner I can put them outside where they can't hear me sing.
3. a quick-trip. Meeting my cousin & her husband in Ireland. And perhaps smooching the Blarney stone.
4. baby shower! It's back on and I'm back in party planning mode and LOVING it!
5. two 10ks. I'm officially signed up for one in Cambridge and one right here in Thetford in April and May.
6. half-marathon. Why stop at a 10k when you can go for 21? I'm eying a September half right now.
7. Easter brunch. I need an excuse to make blueberry-stuffed French toast and mimosas! Actually, one never needs an excuse for blueberry-stuffed French toast and mimosas...
8. apron-sewing. My mom & aunt sent lots of apron-making-goodies, I need to drag a transformer upstairs and get stitchin'! But first...
9. clean/organize my crafts room. Gotta call it a craftS room because there is waaaaay too much going on in there to go with the singular. Something that will help me with that is...
10. building stuff! This will be my newest passion. And David gets to be involved. And by involved, I mean "do most of the work". "We"'ve got BIG plans. I just need to tell him what they are.
11. sock knitting. I'm making a pair of boring socks with ugly yarn. But when they are done, I won't have to wonder "what am I going to do with this ugly yarn?" anymore.
12. granny squaring. I've got to wait on a yarn color card & a fabric swatch, but I have some fun plans for a granny square blankie.
13. nutter butter balling. That's what I need to go do right now...for a function I need to take a dessert to tomorrow! Here's a recipe.


Janet said...

Morocco sounds awesome!!!

Amy said...

Good for you being so busy! That is wonderful. I once had a teacher tell me only boring people get bored. I have not used that phrase since then. I love all your projects and wish you the best of luck with them.

onescrappychick said...

After I build the bench that will be my maiden voyage in how the saw works.. I am going to build shelving for my craft room. I am going to modify those 2x4 plans from this week (modify.. listen to me!) so that they are 4x4's.. in the corner of my room, with one side only 4x3 (3 long) so that it fits my room. I am so thrilled.. because I was going to be expediet shelves from Ikea.. but I couldn't make them fit right and was going to settle for just one. Now I can get the storage I want! YAY me.

Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

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