Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 of 12: March- Another Boring Home Edition

1. 0745ish- today's chore: wash sheets & towels
2. 0815ish-breakfast. I love Apple Jacks. Once again this year, I gave up the internet after 1800 for Lent. In retrospect, I probably should've given up sugar cereal. 

3. 1100ish- Returning to the baby shower box! The party I started planning for a friend back in August, originally scheduled for January, is back on! April 10! I was looking for the invitations and taking a "re-stock" of what I'd already gathered for the party.

4. 11:05ish- While digging through the baby shower box, I found this NY Giants picture that I bought for David (for Christmas!) It's like an illusion thing because you can't tell it's a Giants helmet from close up, you just see a mosaic of tiny NFL logos & pictures.
5. 1300- Filling the candy dish! York Peppermint Patties, Hershey's Kisses & Hershey's fun sized bars (I like Mr. Goodbars best, David prefers the plain milk chocolate...guess he hasn't really been exposed to GOOD milk chocolate!) See the SUN coming in the window?? 
6. 1400- Originally I thought I would use the invitations I already designed & ordered for the shower and just cover up the old date with the new one, but then I got over-excited and came up with a design for a new one. I'll share pictures of the invites another time, but the wording on the invite is going to be:

Just like a real rock star, Coy C---- couldn’t stand the idea of missing out on a chance to party... So we postponed the baby shower for him. He’s home from the hospital and ready to rock!

On Saturday, April 10, you have a backstage pass to meet Jaclyn & Jason’s little Rocker!

(I plan to recycle the old invitations by cutting the skulls & guitars out & using them to embellish the new invites!)
7. 2005- David FINALLY makes an appearance in a 12 of 12! 12 of 12 on a Friday means Survivor and Chinese take-away (that's British English for take-out). Fridays used to mean Survivor and Chili's but we're not on Okinawa anymore!

8. 2040-Dessert! Thin Mints. The best thing about Thin Mints is that I rarely have to share them with David. I bought these (and 8 other boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!) from my troop of Cadettes.
9. 2100ish- And so begins the knitting portion of this month's 12 of 12. I started these socks last week. I hate the yarn and I hate the pattern. The way the colors are lining up gives me a headache, and row counts and cabled stitches are totally pointless because the colorway makes it impossible to see any stitch patterns.

10. 2120ish- So, I decided to turn it in to yarn Ramen. That used to be the cuff of my sock.

2240- And now it's the toe of a new sock. The new sock is slightly less annoying because, although the colors still remind me of t.v. "snow", at least I can just knit and knit and knit without counting or exerting any effort at putting in a cable that I can't even see anyway! It took me a long time to get to this point because I cast on the wrong way a few times. This toe-up pattern called for a type of cast-on that I haven't done in a long time, so I couldn't remember how to do it. Normally I would look up a tutorial or video online, but alas, it was after 6pm. So I just had to try, try again until I finally got it. Or at least close enough to it that I'm convinced that I got it.

12. 2300ish- Yarn Ramen just about gone and I'm calling it a night!

Please accept my apologies for ANOTHER boring 12 of 12. The good news is, I think it is HIGHLY likely that May AND June's version of 12 of 12 will be fun...and not in my house! :) Wootwoot! More to come when plans solidify a little more.
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Dogeared said...

I wondered where you'd disappeared to, but assumed you were doing stuff now David's home - I hadn't thought about your Lent giving up thing.

Hopefully your plans will come through and you can have an awesome May and June 12 of 12

ubill said...

Who would have ever thought of Chili's and Okinawa in the same sentence/thought! Oddly enough I also think of Okinawa and Chili's since we ate there with you!

kerri said...

Yarn ramen! LOVE IT! What are you knitting? It looks like a toque to me, because I am Canadian. I've heard the rest of the world likes to call them "beanies" ;-)

(Also, your blog title is ridiculously clever. I love it also).

Great 12!

Pete said...

Hi Bec, I hope you both enjoyed the takeaway, looks very tasty indeed. Have to say I'm impressed you managed to give up the internet for lent as well.

Also...Vegemite is sort of like Marmite. Vegemite has a milder flavour to it, not quite as sharp as Marmite. I love them both, but at the moment I prefer Vegemite more.

Jill said...

You have all my favorite foods in this edition - Apple Jacks (now with fiber, yay!) and peppermint patties. YUM!

LOVE the new sox - completely understandable, making the change.

Hibe said...

Hey Becca,

Postponing a baby shower for three months? Looks like you waited just a bit too long for the first one. Know what you mean by good chocolate. I grew up a just a couple of miles outside Hershey. Despite m diabetes I can still enjoy a little dark chocolate once in a while. YUMM! Their best in my opinion is the Golden Almond Bar. Can't find them outside of Hershey any more, but they are the very best. (too many carbs so I can't have them any more)

Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

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