Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Breaking the Rules

So, it's after 6pm and I'm on the computer. But technically, I made that idea in Central time and it's not 6pm central time yet. Also, I think I can ask for forgiveness since I don't have much other computer time throughout the day. I don't want the guys at Bob Hope Community Center (where they have a 30 minute time limit) to think (know) that I'm a total internet addict.

But I thought it would be kind of me to update here with a quick entry. (I'm at the base library, where they have a 57 minute time limit). Next week, I will be in my house and I won't have internet set up yet, nor will I be driving back and forth to base every day to check my e-mail, so I figure I can make up for this after 6 internet sneak-on after Easter.

I am alive and well and living (sort of) in England! Isn't that the title of something or other? Alive and well and living in Paris?

House-I think I love my house! I haven't seen it since Saturday and house-hunting is all kind of a blur (and I only looked at 2 houses!) but what I think I remember of it is nice. It's in a town called Thetford, about 25 minutes away from base (but the fact that there is base housing in this town and others that are 25 minutes away makes me feel a bit better about that distance). The house meets my basic requirements: "near" a train station and more than one bathroom. It also kind of makes me feel like a movie star, because it has a blue door just like in Notting Hill and a closet (cupboard?) under the stairs just like in Harry Potter! So I love it! There are 5 bedrooms. Not sure exactly why we need 5 bedrooms, but after almost 4 years with 2, I guess I just got a little crazy. We'll have a bedroom, a Rebecca-room (or maybe 2?), a David-room, a guest room, and I don't even remember seeing a 5th bedroom, which leads me to believe that it might be so small that it will be reserved for our FMO (mil. provided) wardrobes/free-standing closets. Even though I somehow managed to find a house with a closet in the master bedroom!! It also has a shower not just a bathtub. And it has a bathtub. A beautiful "garden" (see how I am beginning to use proper vocabulary for my surroundings?) in which I hope to one day grow my very own herbs and maybe even some little veggies. I bought a book about container gardening several months ago and it seems like something I might be able to manage. My house has a two-car garage in which 2 cars actually fitting would be a miracle. However, I think it is quite possible that 1 car and my 16 rubbermaid bins full of personal classroom items will fit. Possibly best of all, my house is right around the corner from my friend and former colleague. We taught together in Okinawa and she helped me with the house-hunt. We were both pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a house in her neighborhood that might suit my needs. My house needs to pass a little inspection tomorrow, and if it does, I should be able to move in on Tuesday or Wednesday, which is good, because I am being booted from lodging on Wednesday. I could stay longer on my own dime, which is, of course, not something I'm interested in doing. Once I get in my house (which will require me to find my way back there), take some pictures, get my household goods (3 separate shipments!) delivered, internet and cable provider set, and electronic items all hooked up, I will be sure to post pictures. So please don't expect any pictures for a while! Really, I'm only very slightly overwhelmed.

Car- So my two main problems with finding a car are 1- I am cheap. and 2-I haven't a clue how to drive a car with a "manual transmission". We went looking today and at one car lot, there was ONE automatic in the whole place! It was a Mercedes that just doesn't fit in with my cheapness. We stopped at another one where I saw some decent "wheels" and are taking a guy from David's future office who has some car knowledge. If he knows anything besides where the key goes, what the gas pedal does, and how many wheels it's supposed to have, he will know more than I do. I really want a Volkswagon Golf or a Volkswagon Polo. The lot did have a Golf, but it was a darn "5-speed" which is apparently the same thing as a "manual transmission" which is code for "something I don't know how to drive". But maybe if I express enough how much I would like a VW Golf/Polo that is automatic, one will materialize by tomorrow at 0930.
Once I get a car, of course that means I will have to drive it. Good thing I have my driver's license. Only missed one question and you're allowed to miss 6. I keep telling myself that passing my driver's test is a good thing and that means I don't need to be too terribly nervous on the roads, and that I have an advantage as I have been driving on the left side of the road and the right side of the car (right?) for nearly 4 years already. But it's still a little bit frightening. Especially since even if I were an absolutely amazing driver, I would still have absolutely no idea where I am going.

Cell Phone-I haven't had a cell phone in almost 4 years, but people keep looking at me like I have a 3rd eye-ball when I say I don't have a "mobile number". So that's also on the to-do list. All I want is something that rings and has numbers, and I'm not doing a plan, I'm doing a pay-as-you-go.

Anyway...that's the story of my life the past week and one day. Hopefully it won't take too long to get my shipments all delivered, set up and internet hooked up in my house!



Dogeared said...

Whee, you're over here! This is so exciting! I don't know about in the US or Japan, but in the UK, if you pass your test in an automatic, you are only allowed to drive automatics. If you pass in a manual, you can drive either. It might explain why there are more manuals?

If it's worthy anything, Orange pay as you go means you can get 2 for 1 on cinema tickets each Wednesday (it's their "Orange Wednesday" deal - you text "FILM" to 241 I think (and pay for the message), and they text you back a code which you then show to the cinema people when buying your tickets. I think I'm on Orange, but I use my Blackberry a bit more now, as it's cheaper for texts.

Give me a shout if you fancy coming down for the London Marathon (I think it's Sunday 26th April). You're welcome to stay with me, though it'd probably mean a sleeping bag on the floor, unless you were happy to double up in the bed the first time you meet me! I don't have a sleeping bag you could borrow though, but could possibly get hold of one. I'm not sure how early you'd be able to get down to London on the Sunday morning if you came that morning, but I'd be getting to Embankment for about 8am to get a good spot for watching.

Anyhoo, the offer's there, whether you want to stay or just come and watch. I will be getting there early, but you could always meet me a little later - the elite runners are first though, so to see world famous runners, it's a dawn rise!

Oh, and are you on FB?

onescrappychick said...

Girl.. I'm glad you have someone there that you know and can help you out and chum around with you. You are brave, IMO, for doing this alone. Be well.. you'll be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becca. I'm so happy you found a 5 bedroom home. More room for guests... ME!! Once I go, I may not want to come back, roommates???? LOL

So great that you have a friend already there, it's always a great feeling to know someone. I'm so excited for you... Congrats on passing the drivers test. I would freak out if they only had manual transmission. I would probably burn the transmission the first week.

Congrats on everything!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more from you.

Love and miss yah... Cyndi

SusieH said...

SO excited to hear you are in the UK!!!

Well done on finding a home so quickly, too - Thetford is pretty well located, convenient to motorways, train, and base...

If you need anything, call me. I think you have my numbers, but if not, ravel me and I will pass them along.

Spring break here - I have two kiddoes and no husband to entertain these next two weeks. After that, he's back from deployment - whee!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a good time getting settled. Have you seen Harry or William? Tell the Queen I said hi but Don't touch her! I learned how to drive on a 1949 Dodge manual transmission-grandma was my driving coach. I haven't driven a manual for manyyears but I'm sure I haven't forgotten.
Good luck finding a car and on your FIVE (?!!) bedroom house. Room for lotsa guests.
Happy Easter we'll be thinking of you!!

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