Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blogging from Beneath the Piles

And more piles to come!

Our first shipment of household goods arrived yesterday. I loved my house so much more when it was EMPTY! ;)
People kept saying that opening your TMO shipment would be "like Christmas." I feel sorry for those people. Could their Christmases really possibly be so dismal and depressing? Yesterday's shipment was more like a really bad inheritance or something. Maybe tomorrow's shipment will be more like Christmas...after all, I will be reunited with my yarn, books, clothes & scrapbook stuff! The shipment that came yesterday was David's from Aviano/storage so I had the movers put most of it in the garage and in an extra bedroom. He can open it all up when he gets here. Which, really, is the least he could do, seen as how I found the house, and will be unpacking, washing and putting away all of the other stuff...including FORTY-THREE drinking glasses in his shipment yesterday. Our Okinawa shipment is arriving tomorrow. And our stuff will be battling for position within the kitchen!
Luckily, my across-the-street neighbor introduced herself this morning (I met her husband yesterday) and said that she's trying to organize a street-wide garage sale in 2 weeks. She said, "Should I bother passing you a leaflet or will you be too busy?" I told her I'd love a leaflet! I have a lot of (David's) stuff that I'm willing to part with, ha ha. I'm sure some of mine can go too, although most of the stuff we sold at the Chibana Flea Market back in Dec. was mine!

I also got my sweet new ride yesterday! And today marks my 3 week "anniversary" of being here. I'm pretty happy with all that I've managed to get accomplished, although I still don't know how to find my way to base & back home without the help of Debbie's "TomTom"/Garmin. I'll be looking to purchase my own in May. I've already spent too much money for April!

Well, I'm going to head to the commissary before leaving base for the day. Planning to make some cookies for my neighbors, tomorrow's movers and some of my other good helpers!


Dogeared said...

I still can't believe you have a 5 bed house! All to yourself! I am unbelievably jealous, I'd love to live on my own lol.

And I loved finding a new post to read today - I'd been thinking about you, wondering how things were going up there. Especially as it's London Marathon weekend - the race itself is on Sunday, and there are St George's Day picnics and stuff on the Saturday so I'm hoping for a weekend of good pictures! Especially if this weather holds - though not too hot for the runners please. Just clear and dry will do me.

I'm still unpacking too, after my move. First thing I did was put the bookcase in position and unpack a few books the first night, then more books and DVDs the next day. Clothes followed a day or so later, and I've still not unpacked most of the rest! But priorities - the bookcase is sorted. Hee.

SusieH said...

Best of luck with all the putting away, etc.

I am enjoying a couple of weeks of hubster at home - he just returned from a deployment and is on comp time off now. LOVELY!!

Happy St. George's Day eve :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in your new 5 (!!) bedroom house-remember to leave room for David!. Just remember-in sorting for a yard sale-if you haven't used or worn it in 1 year-get rid of it! Do you have a car yet?
love aunt margie

Cyndi said...

Hey Chica - OMWord.. Christmas?? LOL Glad you are settling in. I'm having a yard sale too and I have a whole lot of stuff too. Just get rid of it all and buy everything new :o)

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