Sunday, September 07, 2008

Love to be Lazy

This has been a great weekend! I've been in my pajamas for most of it! The only thing I went out to do was a 5k fun run on Saturday morning. Otherwise, I've just been at home, knitting, surfing the net, watching movies, and talking on the phone. I love lazy weekends. Not doing any running around makes the weekend seem longer. Oh, since my weekend seemed longer, I actually cleaned the big mess off of my scrap table. Maybe now I'll do some paper scrapping instead of digital. My relatively new interest in digital scrapbooking makes cleaning off my scrap table much less urgent. I really wanted to post a LO for ScrapVillage's monthly "blueprint" challenge, but dreaded cleaning off the table. Even with less than 2 inches of free space on the table, adhesive hidden under looming, leaning piles of paper, and a laundry-basket full of school files blocking my path to my bins of chipboard, brads and Prima flowers, I was able to make this:

And, an added bonus to digi-scrapping, I've been able to scrap this Australia pages even though I haven't gotten all of the pictures uploaded and ordered yet! Most importantly, no mess to clean up after! Now that my table is clean, though, I do hope to "wind-down" after school at least once this week with some actual paper-and-adhesive scrapbooking.

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