Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Hmm...I am wondering where my little pal Brown Bunny is. A few weeks ago I started wondering if I ever sent or took him back home last year. He wasn't in our Easter decoration box, and my mom sent me a package but I didn't see the little guy in there (although he could be in the bag, it's all taped up and David's making me wait until Sunday!) I hope he's not hiding around here somewhere. I'd hate for him to miss Easter.
David ruined my Easter Brunch plans by planning a ...erm, traditional...Easter Barbecue. You know, Easter hot dogs and Easter burgers. They're not even bunny shaped. And he was not at all interested in me making a bunny cake. I'm beginning to think that David is the Grinch who stole Easter. He even told me that there were no more egg dyeing kits left at the commissary. I think he's a total rabbit-hater. I asked him to pick up a bag of cole slaw mix and he brought home 2 jars of "slaw dressing" instead. I thought that at least if we didn't have any colored eggs for the Bunny to hide, at least we'd be able to feed him some cabbage. I don't know that the Easter Bunny would be interested in eating 2 jars of mayo, which is what I have discerned the slaw dressing to be.

Ahh, Easter. I am almost more excited about Easter coming than I was about Christmas. After Easter, I'll be able to buy more yarn! For the 40 days before Easter, I gave up buying yarn. I typically give up something big--all meat, desserts/sugary snacks, eating at restaurants, even shopping once. This year's was probably the hardest one ever! I've been trying to occupy my mind (and my online yarn store searching fingers) by working on my Gathered Pullover. I'm very pleased with the body, but I'm finding it very difficult to make it through the sleeves. So boring, and I can't manage the dpns while holding the yarn in my left hand, so I'm having to use it in my right.

Still, even though I'm in the middle of two projects right now, and I don't actually need any yarn, but I've been drooling over yarn for days. Ravelry has definitely increased my yarn-awareness. Oh Ravelry, you devil! The other day I noticed an ad at the bottom of the screen that said "Yarn Marathon". Of course I was intrigued by that! As I waited for the new window to load, I thought of all the things a "Yarn Marathon" could possibly be. You know, really sensible things, like a real running marathon with knitting stops instead of water stops. Or medals made of yarn. It turns out that the Yarn Marathon is put on by a store, Eat.Sleep.Knit (love that name because it totally reminds me of my old summer camp t-shirt, Eat. Sleep. Swim. Camp Dick Runyan) The store will track all the yarn you buy (from them) and give you little (and big) prizes at the "water stops". Fun, right? I have my shopping cart full and I'm ready to click "checkout" first thing tomorrow, Easter Sunday! Then I'll be about 2 miles into the marathon. And what will I do with 2 miles of yarn? I'm thinking of doing a laceweight sweater, a scarf for a friend that's moving to a cool climate, perfecting my magic loop sock-ing technique, and maybe getting a head start on some Christmas gifts!


Running Knitter said...

Yarn marathon with yarn at the water stops. I love it! Happy Easter!

Kelly H. said...

Ravelry has really increased my yarn awareness too...and it's killing me (and my bank account!) I saw you are in the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon...I just joined, too, and that could be a serious problem! Cute pictures...good luck with the Gathered Pullover.

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