Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Cruelty of Military Housing

Have I mentioned before that we only have one bathroom? One. Uno. Just one single, solitary bathroom. For 2 people. I don't think I've ever lived somewhere with just one bathroom, always 2 or 3. I'd even prefer summer camp, or campground style...if I had to walk outside to get to the bathroom, it would be better than having only one. On Saturdays we have to plan very carefully, because David is leaving the house for golfing right around the time that I need to leave the house for running group. He takes much longer than me in the bathroom, if you know what I mean, plus he has to shower I guess because you should be clean for golf, while it would be silly to shower right before running.
This morning, I got up early, fully intending to go for a run. But, David got up first, and claimed the bathroom. (I do NOT share bathroom time with anyone. I don't want to go in and pee while someone is brushing their teeth or even in the shower. I did my time in the dorms, that was enough bathroom-sharing for me!) So I had to wait...and wait...and wait. I got dressed in my running clothes, and waited some more. After all that waiting, I decided to check ScrapVillage. By the time David came out of the bathroom, I no longer had time to go for the 6 mile run I had planned. Besides, by that time I was involved in posting on ScrapVillage! So I decided to check my e-mail. And write this blog entry. And now I have no time to go for that run, even a less-than-six mile run, and I woke up at 5:08 for nothing. At least my running clothes are still clean...

**I know it may sound as though I'm irritated with David for taking so much time in the bathroom, but I'm not. I understand that he has to brush his teeth, shave, shower, and the paper...before work. I am irritated with the housing office for thinking it's okay to assign people (even people with a child--that's 3 people!) to live in a place with just one bathroom!


OneScrappyChick said...

we have one full bath in our house.. and a closet that has a sink and toilet (very tiny bathroom.. seriously closet sized)... but i am grateful for that closet a lot.

hang in there!

Lee W. said...

sorry things are so tight- keep wishing for a better house at your next stop! I guess in military housing space is a premium, so they cut our "luxuries" like another half bath.

Susan said...

good excuse for not running! lol!! next time bang on the door and make him brush his teeth in the hallway while you do your thing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Did I tell you the story about the man who complained that he didn't have any shoes...until he saw the man with no feet.
True love is a shared bathroom!!

from: I know you'll guess

beankendall said...

I grew up in a house with only one bathroom.. to 7 people, four were girls. The first time I had more than one bath was when we moved into military housing in Oceanside.

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