Thursday, February 22, 2007

Seasonal Sacrifice

Although I go to church maybe twice a year, unless I'm at Camp Lawrence, and we go twice a week, I always select something to give up for Lent. Usually I do something major. One year I gave up shopping. All shopping except for groceries or shampoo or whatever. One year I gave up chocolate--I even experienced good old fashioned Catholic guilt when I was coerced into doing a shot of something that tasted "just like chocolate cake." One year I gave up meat, and not just on Fridays. Last year I gave up going out to eat. (Believe me, 40 days of not going out to eat leads to 40 or more days of not cooking once Lent is over!) I'm really struggling this year...what to give up? I don't smoke, very rarely drink, shop---come on, have you ever been in a BX? There's nothing to buy anyway!--- don't drink soda, don't eat much candy.
I thought of giving up hitting snooze in the morning. But at the time I'm hitting snooze, I'm really not coherent enough to make my own choices. (Like this morning, when I hit snooze about 15 times)
I guess I could give up chocolate, but I've already eaten a few Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses today. Those things are SO good!
I know that the thing you give up is not supposed to be easy for you, but the only things I can think of to give up are really kind of necessary.
So what can a girl who has no vices give up for Lent? I hope this counts--- I vow to give up going to bed when there are dirty dishes in the sink.


OneScrappyChick said...

Becca.. there isn't a rule that says you have to give something up.. you can do something instead. Like run 5 miles a day (I know.. I'm just saying) or work on being a better person, or not grumping at co-workers or blah blah... something that makes you a better pserson.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca-I guess one thing you could give up and it would really be a sacrifice is scraping. But don't do it since those that look forward to your scrap pages would be sacfificing (spell check) too. I would suggest that you be tolerant of someone that really bugs you. love you-aunt margie

yi-yi said...

Yeah, Becca, I agree with onescrappychick: DO something instead. Volunteer. Or read spiritual lit (even novels or whatever revives your faith). Or read the story of Easter one verse at a time from the bible, spending 5 minutes a day meditating on what it means for you (like, when you walk to school or whatever).

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