Sunday, February 18, 2007

A belated 12 of 12

I just haven't had the free minutes to get the pictures off the camera yet! Plus, everytime I return to my blog, the link buttons are in Japanese. So I have to reset it each time and those extra few steps really discourage me from blogging!
Anyway, this is sort of a 'themed' 12 of 12---it was the first of five 12ths that David won't be here for.
05:45- Woke up on the couch. I've been sleeping on the couch since David's been gone. It's WAY more comfortable than the bed anyway!

06:45- I used my new shampoo for the first time. I bought it just because it's lavendar, which reminds me of the episode of Grey's Anatomy when Derek tells Meredith something good about the way her hair smells and she says, "Lavendar. The smell was lavendar, from my shampoo". I just love that show!

11:06- My lunch. Typically I take leftovers, but since David's been gone, I haven't been cooking--which definitely needs to change. One cannot (or at least should not) survive on Nilla Wafers for 120 days!

16:14- I mailed 2 letters at the post office. One to David and one to Britt.

16:20- This is the first time my car has needed gas since December 3! It is SO nice to work only 2.5 miles away from home! Typically though, David gets gas for me. This time I had to pump myself. As you can see from the picture, David's the only one who wipes the windows too!

17:52- I have been totally rockin' the Jeopardy Teen Tournament. People always think I'm still a teen, so maybe I could fool Alex and get on the show. David and I usually compete while watching Jeopardy (I usually win!) so it was a little disappointing not to be able to bask in all my genius-glory with him here.

19:13- Okay, before you start to think I'm so pitiful here by myself, I have to say that it's not actually that bad. Sure, some moments are lonely and the house gets rather quiet. But normally, I don't even mind the solitude...I enjoy it. One time when I don't enjoy it is when the dishes need to be washed. David usually gets suckered into doing that. So tonight I turned on the iPod and washed the darn things myself. As if I weren't bummed enough about washing the dishes, then "She's Everything" comes on. We joke that David actually commissioned Brad Paisley to write the song for me (I have yellow running shoes and used to drive a Saturn with a sunroof!) and just about everytime it's on in the's almost too cute & corny to admit... we dance together. So tonight I had to dance by myself. At least I got a break from washing the dishes!

20:00- What else have I been doing in David's absence? Turning into a clean person. Actually, I think Feb. 12 was my first day of being a clean person. I did 2 loads of laundry that day, like these soft fluffy clean towels!

21:00- And just because my main Valentine won't be here to celebrate with me doesn't mean I can neglect my other 19 val-pals. So tonight before calling it a night I signed all the Snoopy valentine cards I bought for my students.

22:00- Remember a few hours ago when I said that there are definitely some lonely moments? Well, brushing my teeth is one of them. Doesn't my toothbrush look lonely there all by itself?

22:04- That's much better. I found an extra toothbrush that Santa meant to put in David's stocking!

22:31- bedtime! Back to the couch for me!


David said...

I really liked reading about all the fun you are not having. I knew you missed me. When I get back, I want that toothbrush. We can dance when I get back too! Love you

OneScrappyChick said...

Awww Bec... you shouldn't sleep on the couch. Although I sleep like crap when my dh is gone. You should make a paper clip chain.. one clip for every day that he's got left to be gone. It's helping me get through this school year from hell. Hang in there!! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hi Rececca, I really loved reading your blog! You do a great job with it. Yeasterday I went shopping w/ your mom and othet RCC friends. We went to Archivers. A lot of fun. I really loved the decorated envelopes you sent to your mom and Aunt Margie. I'm considering doing something like that for my daughter-in-law. I don't think she wants to start a scrapbook. I know she doesn't have the time. Talk to you later. Love, Theresa

Anonymous said...

love your writings-Greys is also my mostest favorite program-I really don't think Meridith is dead-she will have brain damage and we'll see her through recovery.
We'll see. Love that you and David dance together in your house-
love you guys-aunt margie

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