Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been a while...

I remember when I was in "daily blog mode". That was when I did things and had interesting thoughts. If I blogged daily now, I would announce things like:
"stayed in my pajamas until 3 today" and "switched from my snowflake pajamas to my moose pajamas today" and "was sore from too much Wii Fit today" and "finished a book today".
When we first got here, we were on the go all the time... shopping, going to restaurants, seeing people we hadn't seen for a while. And then the novelty of us being here kind of wore off and David left and now I just hang out at home!

Last week, I broke the monotony of days at home and went to kindergarten for 2 days! There is no room for monotony when you are surrounded by 20 5 and 6 year olds! I never went to kindergarten as an official kindergartener, but I have been going to Ms. Kobe's kindergarten for 26 years or so! She got a kick out of telling everyone at school that she'd known me since I was a baby, and now I'm a teacher but still trying to earn my kindergarten diploma from her (She gave me a preschool diploma for my college graduation...but I still have some hours to do in her classroom before she will bestow upon me the ultimate honor!) I led some of the lessons while Ms. Kobe did report card assessments at her one-on-one; it was fun to be back in the classroom!!

Now I'm back to what has become my normal routine...and still in my pajamas.


SusieH said...

Awwwww! Enjoy those pajama days. Doing any fun knitting?

Dogeared said...

12 of 12 tomorrow, I remembered! It doesn't feel like Wed 11th though, I was just lying in bed and thought "Hmm, tomorrow's Thursday 12th!"


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