Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Thoughts on...Handkerchiefs

It seems strange to be thinking of handkerchiefs, but if you've been sick for the past 4-5 days and blown your way through two whole boxes of Kleenex, you might start thinking of strange things too.
My grandma and my dad have always had handkerchiefs (or "hankies" as my grandma says). My dad's are plain white, and my grandma has lots of little cute ones. I'm sure she's even given some to me, although I recall that they ended up being used as Barbie quilts rather than their intended purpose.
But this morning, when I was spending time in my "best thinking spot" (the shower), I started to think about the merits of handkerchiefs. Are they better for the environment or not? (less use of trees, but more use of water to wash them) Are they softer on your nose? (I go through a lot of Kleenex during the day in my classroom and most of my class parents don't buy the extra soft, extra cost kind) And, it'd be so much better to run with a handkerchief when I'm sick like this--it wouldn't disintegrate like a kleenex, has less chance of undesirable results than a "snot rocket", and seems more refined than using the bottom of my t-shirt.
But what do you do with all that snot? If you put it in the washer, does the snot get on your other clothes? Or do you rinse it off first? And how pleasant can it be to unfold an often-used hankie at the end of the day to shake or rinse the snot out?
Ok...this blog entry has definitely taken a turn for the worst, so I think I better stop now before I get carried away. Besides, I need to blow my nose.


Lee W. said...

Hmmmmmmm, good question about the hankies...Last longer- probably... but how many would you still go through in a day, for pete's sake?!? I guess the old yucky stuff goes away with the water in the washer- same as all the rest of the gunk.

I have to go think about this- feel better!!

uBi!! said...

Never have liked hankies! Tissues I can dispose of instantly. A partially used hankie in my pocket is gross, germs, etc. just fermenting. Putting them in the wash is just as bad. I would have to rinse them before I'd feel I could put them in the wash! I have plenty of hankies from Grandma, still in the package, if you need them!

Susan said...

dh uses a handkerchief and I think it is disgusting!! I hate finding one, used or unused, lying somewhere. he complains about used tissues but I throw them away! toilet paper, things that you blow snot on should be one use only!

cheerful cropper said...

hee hee! this is a funny one! i am a kleenex kind of gal. i like that i can throw away all the yuckiness rather than keep it wadded up in my pocket KWIM??? :)

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