Wednesday, March 14, 2007

12 of 12 already??

06:20- Skype w/David. The voice-over-internet thing is really great with David being away! We get to talk just about every night and all for the low low price of FREE! (Well, plus the $100 he's got to pay for internet...but that's reimbursed!)

06:45- This morning, I put all of my clean clothes away. I've been using my bed as a "I don't really feel like hanging my clothes right now, so I'll just set them here" zone. See the little bear with the Bears hat? Well, the bear was part of my valentine from David, and I wore the hat to bed last night so I could sleep with all of the lights on...see the 7:30 photo.

07:10-We got new neighbors last week or the week before maybe. I hadn't met them until they came ringing my doorbell at 7:05 this morning. Luckily I was already dressed and ready to go. Anyway, they needed their car to be jump started. The guy came and rang the bell and asked if I would jump start his car. I pulled up to their car and my new neighbor took care of the rest. I guess he didn't trust that I would be very good at car stuff. Maybe he got that impression when I couldn't find the little latchy-thing with which to pop the hood. But anyway...that's the heroine of our story there in front of my window (the reddish one). Notice that the parking space across the lot, next to the silver car is empty. Thanks to me and my unbelieveable auto-skillz.

07:30-I wasted no more time calling Entomology to get someone to come out and spray for roaches! I had never seen a 2-3inch roach in our house before David left. There were SIX dead ones in my house this morning. I never want to live in a tropical climate again. And I thought the Indiana variety black ants and elder bugs were bad...

18:30-I forgot my camera at home this morning. I thought about turning around to come get it, but I already feared I might be an hour late to work because I didn't know if I was supposed to change time(I wasn't). Anyway, the bug guys got here at 16:15 (and I forgot to grab my camera AGAIN!) and then I had to leave the house for 2 hours. So I put on my running shoes, ran a mile to the gym, went to some crazy step aerobics class, ran the long way home to make it 3 and a half miles. By that time, it was safe for me (but not the roaches!) to return inside.

18:45-Logging on to SparkPeople(dot)com. I heard some girls talking about this on Sunday and I wanted to check it out. Although I don't necessarily think I need to lose weight, this is a fun way to be more aware of what I'm doing and what I'm eating. You earn points and you can join "teams" and track your calories, etc. There's recipes and articles and it gives you exercise demos too. If you haven't been there yet, check it out! If you decide to join, tell 'em "BeccaSuze" sent you! (I'll get 10 points!)

19:18-Looks like this picture should've been taken 12 hours ago, doesn't it? Do you ever just want a bowl of cereal instead of eating something else? I do. Tonight I had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious.

19:30-On Sunday I started knitting my first pair of socks using the Magic Loop method. I took the beginning apart just once and now I'm this far, just finished the toe increases and ready to knit the body of the foot.

19:56- 60 Minutes comes on here on Mondays. I always think of my grandma when 60 Minutes comes on because I used to be at her house a lot at 6pm on Sundays I guess. I love 60 Minutes and all the other news-magazine type shows. But I especially love 60 Minutes because Andy Rooney cracks me up. And I never cease to be puzzled by the fact that Andy Rooney has looked the exact same age since I've been like 6 years old or something. Sometimes I wonder if they taped millions of Andy Rooney segments a long time ago and just air them now. But he does always have some hilarious things to say about George W Bush and other current he must still be making the segments, he probably uses a really great moisturizer or something!

21:45- I'm calling knit a night and stopping here. I guess I made a decent bit of progress on my socks tonight. But still not enough... I'm going to have to wash some socks to wear this week because these just aren't going to be finished on time!

21:53-Picking out my clothes at night really helps my mornings go more smoothly. I used to waste a lot of morning minutes sitting in front of my closet wondering what to wear, wearing it, changing my mind about it and wearing something else. Sometimes I still end up changing my mind and wearing something else, like on the 13th, I wore that shirt (I love that shirt!), but not those pants (I don't love those pants).

22:04- And that's the end of my day.


Dogeared said...

I wondered why you were wearing the hat, and ewww, when I realised why! I'm glad they're all done now!

Helen (12 of 12er)

Susan said...

love your day!! auto skillz! Becca's got skillz!!! I used to do Spark but it got more annoying than useful. I can't obsess on diet, etc that much.

OneScrappyChick said...

I tried Spark too.. but couldn't deal with all the emails. Hey, does this mean David will be home after 3 more 12s?

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